Who are we?

Here at Absolute Climate Control, LLC (A.C.C.) understanding our clients needs is on the top of our list. We stand proud in knowing that when we are called to your home, we have your family in mind first. Our mission is not to try and sell you things that you do not want or need.

When you have made the decision to call A.C.C. you have put your trust in us to properly diagnose and repair your system. In doing so, you can fully trust that we will show you the respect that you deserve.

In no way will we ever hard pressure you into accessories or repairs that you do not need. When presented with the opportunity, we will present options to you that may benefit you or your Hvac system. The choice is then up to you based on what you feel that you need.

You will always feel comfortable with Absolute Climate Control in your home.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I change my filters?

  • Filters come in many different varietys. If your filter is thin and green or white cotton, these filters last Only 30 days.
  • If your filter is pleated (with diamond shaped cardboard braces and in a zig zag shape, these filters can last up to 3 months.
  • Remember having pets or a lot of dust will drastically change these time frames.

What if my system is frozen?
  • If your system has ice around the outside or inside unit, you will need a service call to determine what the issue is.
  • First check your filters. An extremely dirty filter can sometimes cause the indoor unit to freeze.
  • Before submitting for the service call, turn your thermostat completely off. This will give the system time to defrost before we arrive.

How often should I have my system inspected?
  • We recommend having your hvac system checked and cleaned at very minumum once a year.
  • The timing of this inspection should you choose once a year is usually better in the spring just before summer.
  • Should you choose twice a year, before summer and right before winter are the best times.

First time this Winter starting the heat and I smell a burning smell. Is this ok?
  • When you first start your heat every winter you may have a small burning smell.
  • This smell can sometimes set off your smoke detectors.
  • This is normal and should deminish in the first day.
  • This is just dust burning off of your electric heating coils or off of the heat exchanger for gas furnaces.