<strong>How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?</strong>

ACC technician changing furnace filter.

Replacing the filter in your furnace ensures that your home’s air remains free of contaminants, including dust and pet dander. A dirty filter will only trap new particles if you replace it. Learning how to change a furnace filter is easy, and anyone can do it.  A clogged filter won’t prevent additional dirt and debris […]

How to Save On Your Heating Bills This Winter

A woman adjusting the thermostat in a home. There is a kitchen behind her.

Chilly weather can pose many challenges for homeowners in South Carolina and beyond. Some days can get frosty, jackets are needed for every outdoor excursion — and worst of all, your energy bills take a heavy hit. Cranking up the heat inside your home can make you feel comfortable and warm beyond comparison, but the […]

Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

A woman adjusting a thermostat because the furnace is blowing cold air in a Greenville, SC home.

You turn to your furnace for warmth and comfort during the colder days of the year. But what happens when you switch on your heating system only to find that it’s blasting cold air instead of hot? A furnace releasing cool air into your home may seem worse than having no heat at all. However, […]